Hey what’s up every one :)

Hey how is every one so far it is now 9:50 and i am board so i am going to post. OK so right now i am sitting in a chair in class really board and i had nothing ales to do so i am doing this so i just want to know how is every one’s day going so far is it good our is it bad let me know by commenting on my post i will be doing another one later so till then bye 🙂

Daily post about fun stuff :)

Hey i am doing this hoping some one will like this. OK so let’s talk about something fun what i like to do for fun is go shopping and hang with my friends but i know that may not sound fun but it kind of is to me now i just want to know what do you guys do for fun in your free time let me know OK well ill talk to you all later have a fun day byeeeeee 🙂


Hey guys this is my daily post just checking up and telling you what’s new in life and stuff like that. So there is nothing really going on in life besides my birthday is almost here ill be 16 in 4 days on Monday the 9th so I am excited about that I have been waiting for a long time and I can’t wait I am counting down the days till Monday I still don’t know why I am so excited so much it’s just a day of the week I don’t understand I have never been this excited before but I guess t is just because it’s my sweet sixteen and I am just so happy to be sixteen I guess that’s why I am and excited and I can’t figure it out so whatever I will have fun and be excited. But nothing will really change I will go from being 15 to 16 it’s not a big change but people make it sound big by calling it a sweet sixteen and never kissed I don’t get the big deal of it it’s just a number and an age what’s The big deal about it just means day by day I will be getting old and I don’t want to be old I want stay young forever lol but there is no way for that to happen so basically I will just be excited and I cant wait to be 16 don’t know why so that’s what’s new in life later

Home schooled or public school.

Home schooling is not better then going to a public school if you were home schooled you wouldn’t learn all the stuff that you need to and you wouldn’t be able to see any of your friends if you were home schooled. If I could choose what to do for school I would choose public school because I would be able to see my friends and my mom doesn’t know a lot about school and stuff so yeah I would go to public school and deal with the hard work and the teachers instead of being home schooled. I would not have any fun staying home all day isn’t living there enough for me just kidding I love my family. But I would still like to go to a public school to see my friends