Hey everyone, how is your day going? Mine is up and down like a ferris wheel and I am trying to make my day a good day, not a bad day. Basically, I hate to have bad days because they are not fun because you get people that you love mad at you and they end up hating you and they will no longer be friends with you and you will have nobody there for you when you need them and it just sucks.

If you have a good day you want lose your friends and they will stay by your side till the day you die. It’s just amazing to have your friends by your side 24 seven and you will always have a blast with your friends like go Shopping, or go to the Movies, or go out for Dinner, with them and also stay the night at their house that’s always a blast to stay the night at their house cause you get away from your parents for as long as you stay at your friends house.

Its more fun then being at home and cleaning because you don’t have to clean when your at some one’s home it i just love going to my friends house.

It also get’s from my mom’s and some times i do need a brake from them once in a while but some times i like to stay home and hang with my mom’s they can be fun once in a while.