Really Really board like you have no i dear how bad it is ever feel so board and you see a window and you just say to your self oh my god i just want to jump out of you and just go home and go back to bed but you can’t and it really just suck’s i have that feeling right now so badly thats how board i am right now. COMMENT OR LIKE IF YOU FEEL LIKE THIS SOME DAYS.


Today is Wednesday i do not know the date.

Hey everyone, how is your day going? Mine is up and down like a ferris wheel and I am trying to make my day a good day, not a bad day. Basically, I hate to have bad days because they are not fun because you get people that you love mad at you and they end up hating you and they will no longer be friends with you and you will have nobody there for you when you need them and it just sucks.

If you have a good day you want lose your friends and they will stay by your side till the day you die. It’s just amazing to have your friends by your side 24 seven and you will always have a blast with your friends like go Shopping, or go to the Movies, or go out for Dinner, with them and also stay the night at their house that’s always a blast to stay the night at their house cause you get away from your parents for as long as you stay at your friends house.

Its more fun then being at home and cleaning because you don’t have to clean when your at some one’s home it i just love going to my friends house.

It also get’s from my mom’s and some times i do need a brake from them once in a while but some times i like to stay home and hang with my mom’s they can be fun once in a while.

Can Music Help You Write on the Computer?

I think that a person types better if he or she is listing to music. For instance, if you timed a minute of my writing while listening to music, I write more quickly. Music helps me stay working and I am more focused.

When I am writing without music, I type slower and my writing assignments are usually a week or more late. I find this occurrence funny when a human’s body is listing to music they type faster and it makes every thing better to do. SO YES MUSIC HELPS YOU TYPE FASTER.

Music Helps Writing with More than Speed Alone

So as I’ve mentioned above, music helps my writing production. But there are other benefits as well from an article that I have read.

The first step in my writing process is to turn on my music. I do not require utter silence in order to write.

Did you ever hear a piece of music or watch a movie that tugged at your heart and soul so profoundly you were left to sit in utter silence?

basically to say all of this is true for me if I don’t have music to listen to and I get very aggravated and mad but when I have music I can do work and get every thing done and it’s pretty cool.

My weekend :)

This weekend I talked to my dad and hung out with my friends and we went to the movies with them and saw catching fire and had an amazing time with them we saw movies and went out for dinner and we just had a blast the funniest part of all this is that one of my friend’s hand cuffed him self and dropped the key down a drain and it was just the funniest thing ever we brought him to dunkin donuts and people were so afraid of him they thought he was a prisoner and I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh it took us 3 hours to get him out of the hand cuffs 🙂

things on abigail hernandez

The cops and the FBI are now looking for Abigail’s phone and if anyone now’s any thing please go to the cops or the FBI for information and let them no if you care you can help them bring her home for good and we really miss her please help us find her and bring her home safely we all care and miss her very much I wish she was still here with us all of her friends and family misses her and care about her we need to find the monster that has her out there